What Are Backlinks In SEO And How Do They Work? Masterclass Explanation.

What Are Backlinks In SEO And How Do They Work? Masterclass Explanation.

What Are Backlinks? You are now one step closer to getting your website ranked higher up in Google by using Clever Link Building Strategies.

So we will start from the basic. We will discuss what anchor text is. I’ll explain the importance they have in a link-building campaign. I will let you know what pages you should be building backlinks to. I will let you know how you can find out what backlinks your competitors have. I will explain the difference between a do-follow and a no-follow backlink. I hope this blog will help you to understand the basics of link building and gonna help you in your business and your career whether you are running a full-time SEO agency or working as a freelancer.

So throughout this blog, we are going to discuss link building in detail. Instead of me just saying, “Hey, this is what and that it is. I actually want to make this the best blog ever to describe link-building.

What Are Backlinks? and why are they important.

What Are Backlinks?

A backlink often referred to as a link, is a mention of your website on an external website.

Let me describe on-page SEO and off-page SEO through an example, so if we take an example of a JET then the wings and body of a jet is on-page SEO and the Engine is its off-page SEO. Now you will realize the importance of off-page SEO.

So let’s imagine we’ve done on-page SEO to perfection and we have the best body and perfect wings. If we were to put in an old engine from 100 years ago, we obviously wouldn’t get the best results. This is why backlinks are super important. Typically, on-page SEO isn’t enough to get you to page one. However, what on-page SEO does is provide you with a really strong foundation which we can then build upon.

So here we have tried to provide you a little familiarity with the title What Are Backlinks.

What Is Anchor Text & Why Does It Play A Crucial Role In Link Building?

What is anchor text? Anchor text refers to the clickable words used to link one webpage to another. The color of the text is usually blue, as it’s an actual hyperlink. However, the text can be whatever color the website owner chooses, and sometimes it’s dependent on what theme they are using.

So why is anchor text important? SEO best practices dictate that anchor text should be relevant to the page you’re linking to, rather than generic. Google can actually read this anchor text and they take it into consideration when ranking a website. For example, if you link to a website with the anchor text blue hat, Google is going to assume the page you’re linking to has some relation to blue hats.

What Pages Should You Build Backlinks To?

What pages should you build backlinks to?

The answer is very straightforward. A backlink can help improve the visibility of a webpage in Google. As a result, you’re going to want to build backlinks for all of the pages you would like to have more visibility for. Simply put, build backlinks to the pages you want to rank. So whether that’s your homepage, your service pages, or your blog posts, build links to the pages that you want to rank. But wait there. Before you go on a site building links to all your service pages, just bear in mind every piece of content you publish on your website should have some value. Otherwise, what’s the point of you publishing it right?

How To Determine What Makes A Good Backlink.

How to determine what makes a good backlink. As you can imagine, not all backlinks are created equal. Just because a website looks good on the surface, it doesn’t mean that having a link from that site will have a benefit.

There’s a five step you should use to check while evaluating how good a link is.

  • Check website page authority
  • Check the page is it linking to a ton of other different websites if yes they don’t get a link from that website.
  • Check the website domain authority.
  • Check website traffic.
  • How many keywords this website appears for.

Do-Follow versus No-Follow links

In this blog, while explaining What Are Backlinks it’s time to discuss Do-Follow versus No-Follow links. So let’s start off with Do-Follow links. A Do-Follow Link is a standard link in the format of HTML. There’s nothing odd about this at all. In summary, Do-Follow links are links that count as points, push an SEO link juice, and boost the rank of that page.

So what is a No-Follow link? A No-Follow link does not count as in the page’s favor. It does not boost the page rank and it does not help the page rank higher in Google. No-Follow links get no love.

But here is one more thing google never disclose its algorithm, according to some SEO expert a No-Follow link from a high authority website sometime work more than a Do-Follow link from a medium to a low authority website.

So just some final words on that. So, in your link-building campaigns, just make sure you focus on Do-Follow backlinks as those are the links that give you points and give you the SEO benefit. And those are the links that will get you ranking higher on the first page of Google.

Citations for local businesses.

If you are a local business owner, one type of link you can go out and get for your business is what we call a citation. So a citation is an online reference of your business’ name, address, and phone number which you refer to as a NAP on an external website.

However, most citations also give you an option to add a link there to your website as well. Citations are typically no-followed backlinks, so you won’t get an SEO boost. However, because you’re building loads of links that have your address on them, it’s going to help you rank more locally in your local area.

This is enough to have an overview of What Are Backlinks In SEO And How Do They Work?. In our next blog post, we will discuss different strategies for link building.
If you need any further clarification on this topic you can reach us in the comment section and we will be more than happy to answer your queries.

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