1M+ Facebook Ads Engagement: Authoritative Way To Target Your Desired Audiance

1M+ Facebook Ads Engagement: Authoritative Way To Target Your Desired Audiance

Here we are going to talk about

Facebook Ads Engagement.

Engagement is the heart beating essence of all your activities.

And it’s very important for you because it’s the heart beating a sense of everything you are trying to do. No matter if you go for Facebook ads engagement, Instagram, or WhatsApp no matter what you try. Stay out. This is the heart beating so basic engaging needs to be every of your content. And if you go for this objective you can, of course, boost your posts promote your page, or get people to claim your offer.

Raise attendance for each month but especially what you can do. You can do more in one you can boost your post you can promote your page you can build your page you can drive traffic you can get ready for retargeting because you can engage and then you can also read target already engaged people. But what is the most important to understand? It’s simply the heart beating of Facebook Instagram activities and basically, this quality ranking and especially engagement rate ranking is so very important for you and it has not just a positive result for one post or for one ad but it is so very important for your complete at account.

I am talking about this a lot and you have to put a lot of effort into this. Yes because it’s really important and I like to put the energy into it and to help me with this. It’s so important and you need to really understand it and if you think about it more it’s not just about one ad or one post it’s about some company strategic approach. For example this is one of the ads accounts and of course what you want to do. Your name may be the most drive traffic cell but it’s all connected together.

It’s important to understand that Facebook ads engagement is hard beating and it’s all connected together.It’s quite logical that what you wants most is of course to drive traffic to really get more people on the website get more sales to get more traffic for real estate to sell faster or real estate to get to more contracts. This is quite logical and the same with e-commerce. You want to sell more you want to make more money. And basically, it’s like one united essence so still if you can engage your power boost everything.

And like even if you’re creating many kinds of different apps you know for a conversion you still need to engage people you’re stunning simply to be interesting for people. It’s a very good sign. Some basically even if you’re running many campaigns and everything is doing well for you and everything is really great for you. You need to really be efficient in all that you are doing. And this means that you need to engage people you need to use galleries because it’s just for example real estate.

But it’s connected to e-commerce. People are used to simply click on the gallery and date. Are you stood at least in the gallery the same if you have Instagram you can use five-six or eight photos and people use to collect swipes see more pictures?

This is something very natural and like this. This what people really like to do can be of greater use for engagement activities because no matter what project you do this is of course real estate and it’s for example perfect for your estate. But no matter what project you do you can always great stunning go at it.

For example, real estate is certainly a great example people naturally like to go through the gallery and this is really great because when they like to do it and they like to enjoy it then naturally you get the engagement and then, of course, this is great for a building page, empowering your rankings and also driving traffic. It’s all connected together and it’s basically the easiest to do the easiest to start with.

Here I will guide you with everything about creating it.

It’s very easy to do as you probably know to upload photo video. These are the basics that even if you have never done you can now watch this so I won’t be creating this. I can use approximately 40 photos for Instagram. I will create like really nice photo gallery because people love it. And basically what I will be doing. Charles,

it’s a very short text with Call to Action about real estate. That’s quite easy for you to create. What’s important is to always see the link. This is very important that you put Dunning because people like to click on the link and they like to get more information.

If you have real estate if you have e-commerce if you have a consultancy service and link is very important and it’s important that the text is not so long. So you need people to had the possibility to read the text have the possibility to click on the link had the possibility to call you and have the possibility to write you also to your email.

Of course, they can use messenger ads but if they decide to write you to email call you to visit the website you should give them as many options as many opportunities to really get in touch with you.

What to choose:

People love a lot when you have real estate to see a kitchen but this is not so nice. So yeah it’s not true it’s a nice site. They show me those take two days so you can also add some feelings you can add the chicken so just click and use the check in. This is easy. And so now we just share it. And basically it will appear in our Facebook business profile.

I think it’s really nice. And this is important so people can directly click. People can call or write e-mail they can of course contact us and it’s very natural for people to click and to go through the gallery because this process on mobile on desktop day they simply have it to use.

This is very easy for us to create the engagement and also drive traffic. And of course then when we get some likes to invite people to be part of our Facebook business page. And then as I told you can always use either this right button that will open for you so you can manage your ads. But what I am recommending you is to use the Facebook business manager.This is what I am recommending to use

INSIDE BUSINESS MANAGER you have everything ex manager catalogues Facebook business page Instagram page. So this is like the most recommended solution. But even if you don’t have it you just click here and you click to manage the app and what we may be doing right now like you can you see our ETS manager and the most easy way to create these at just comrade and you can even when you come to the customer shouldn’t be when you go from the awareness to consideration up to conversion.

You can like see that the engagement is the heart of everything and basically we just go for the engagement and we don’t really need even the responses or page likes because we know that we can always invite people. So that’s a very easy to do if they give us like let’s say Well now give like and basically it and they give us like so sorry. These are just so like profiles.

We can easily but very easily invite them to the page . Just click here and invite the people. It’s very easy to do and basically every page can mind these are already in Why Did They are part of the page but you can invite them. But right now I want to really push for the ad so much we are going to do we have the engagement and we go for post engagement.

So this is the most efficient because you take everything all the power and it’s the hard beating of Facebook and Instagram audience network knows them now. Facebook is in integrating WhatsApp so we’ll be able to push for WhatsApp. You will be able to have also WhatsApp business profile and it’s all like one big social media machine. So we will just call it. So how’s OK.

And we can even use very tiny budget like one dollar and how so you’re going to see we don’t need any special budget we just need nice photo gallery and we just click to continue. And first what we want to do when you want to do, we want to use. The audience so you can easily save the audiences. And I am showing how to create audiences.

How to use Facebook insights:

Let’s see how to find more information about your audiences but to be more like a captive. Of course you can always go for location and like with Facebook you always just surround it. So this is basically what you can do. And when you click we just click and then you can see we can also go on and go maximum eight miles so 10 is minimum so we can also go this direction then the age languages you can go and for real estate we can of course go for real estate but also for investment for home family.

We need to think what people are interested in and what I know do I will mainly I go outside for engaged shoppers and this is the reason is that this is some more better for e-commerce because these people are most likely to buy to shop to enjoy shopping to have money to be able to purchase your products or to use your services.

So this engaged shopper necessarily a good kind of targeting. And what you can also do if you’re really for example have the e-commerce you can even say I want to narrow this audience I want to really tout that it must match so you just write.

Engage shoppers and this basically means that you really target people that are able to spend money that are able to give you the money and this is really quite good. Like not so much especially if you are using the e commerce.

I will now use it. Also I might do this later been more and this is good because now I will use the power of Facebook because I will be targeting people that are able to give me money that I that are able to proceed payment that I like to shop at. Enjoy shopping.

This is a really good combination that if you want to sell you want a consultation you want to find people that are able to receive the payment and these people they have already converted they have already used shop now in the past. So down most like good predictor but they have money to be given to us. This is a really new news function from Facebook and I think it’s very useful to use what I will do. I will save it as a new so will .Just name it plus have money so this way.

Engage shoppers this can really change a lot because I can find people that are more likely to be ready to buy to purchase and to be able to spend money.

So this I think it’s a very good and I like just use the post engagement.This is okay for me because I know that people will click on the gallery and they will enjoy the gallery table like the gallery so This is what I will be doing. Features click to continue and sometimes Facebook now is very very afraid.

If you want to like push the gallery for Instagram you might use eight photos (mentioned above) but it’s okay because it will still render some mention and it’s okay for me this way.But you have to use a little bit less photos if you want to.I also had this slight effect on Instagram like eight photos is optimal.I can also use the Call to Action button send a message.You can do it but I don’t want to do it.And the reason why I don’t want to do it because I want people to click on the gallery and do really go through the gallery.

This is very important for us because then the Facebook ads engagement will be very cheap and the reach will be very high. And I will probably get a lot of traffic for this link and everything will be very cheap so this is upon your testing if you want to stop like people off when they can write your so.

This is great to use. Messenger ads I am also showing it to you. But right now I would just focus on the gallery to get as many in as much Facebook ads engagement engagement as possible. And we just click to confirm and I think this is perfect. So this is an ideal starting point. It’s one of my best practices how you can boost Facebook for the business to get traffic build your page.

This is end now for our Facebook ads engagement topic stay tune as we will be writing more on it.

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